Clearbit Enrichment

Use Clearbit Enrichment data to identify, target and personalize the user experience of B2B website visitors, using email addresses.

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Get the full context of an identified visitor using your Clearbit Enrichment account. Enabling this integration automatically enriches any identified email address in our platform with the firmographic data provided by Clearbit.

Key benefits

Every website has two kinds of visitors: anonymous and identified. And while there are a lot of ways to optimize the user experience of an anonymous visitor, identifying them opens doors not just for your marketers but also your salespeople.

You can use one of our components with the email collection functionality. Or connect Unless to your existing lead gen forms like whitepapers, webinar sign-ups, get a quote, etc. Then, each time a visitor gets identified with an email address, their profile will get enriched with more data points. This allows you to hyper-personalize the experience of each visitor based on industry, role, seniority, etc. for the most effective results.

How does it work?

The Unless integration allows you to connect your own Clearbit account to Unless. From then on, firmographic information will be added to your visitor's profile whenever an email address is identified and you can create audience segments based on any of the Clearbit data points. After activating the integration, all options will appear in the audience builder automatically.

Install instructions

You need a Clearbit account first. In the Unless dashboard, you can simply switch on the Clearbit Enrichment integration by adding your API key that comes with a Clearbit account. Relevant firmographic datapoints can then be accessed from the Audience builder.

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