Clearbit Reveal

Use Clearbit Reveal data to identify, target and personalize the user experience of B2B website visitors, via IP addresses.

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It’s easy to identify a company’s IP address, but it’s like having a fingerprint — unless you know who it belongs to, it’s not much help. That’s where Clearbit Reveal comes in. Now, you can instantly match IP addresses with company names, and see full company datasets for all site visitors.

Key benefits

  • Discover prospects: Learn which companies are considering your solution, how they found you, what stage of the funnel they are at, and more. Once you have all this knowledge, it gets easier to tailor your message to fit their needs specifically with a hyper-personalized experience.
  • Segment based on industry: If your business is catering to a mix of industries, it can be challenging to get your message just right. Segmenting based on industry data means you can highglight the right features for the right lead, speak directly to their problems and needs. In addition to providing a catered experience, showing them they've come to the right place will increase your conversions as well.
  • Segment based on company size: Similarly, when trying to appeal to smaller companies as well as enterprises, it can be hard to get the tone right. They also tend to have different buying cycles and priorities when it comes to trials, contracts, onboarding, and more. It is also likely that you will have different plans that suit the needs of companies of varying sizes. Segmentation allows you to highlight the right features and content for each visitor.

How does it work?

The Unless integration allows you to connect your own Clearbit account to Unless. From then on, firmographic information will be added to your visitor's profile and you can create audience segments based on any of the Clearbit data points. After activating the integration, all options will appear in the audience builder automatically.

Install instructions

You need a Clearbit account first. In the Unless dashboard, you can simply switch on the Clearbit Reveal integration by adding your API key that comes with a Clearbit account. Relevant firmographic datapoints can then be accessed from the Audience builder.

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