Use Kickfire data to identify, target and personalize the user experience of your website visitors.

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KickFire's IP address intelligence & B2B firmographic data allows you to translate IP addresses to companies, identify anonymous web visitors – all based on a company's IP address. Use this firmographic information to segment your audiences based on industry or company size and show them personalized content or add-ons.

Key benefits

  • Discover target accounts: Find out which companies are looking at your website, which pages they've viewed, their funnel stage, buyer intent, and more. With that data in hand, you can make sure to provide them with a great experience and increase your conversion rate at the same time.
  • Segment based on industry: It can be a challenge to highlight the benefits of your product efficiently when trying to address a variety of industries at once since your offering will differ for each. Segmenting your website visitors based on industry data can be a good way to tell them why you are the best solution specifically for them.
  • Segment based on company size: Companies of different sizes make purchases differently. You will notice a variation in their website behavior as well as the length of a purchase decision, how many people or departments are involved, and so on. By segmenting these visitors, you can ensure they move through the funnel at their own pace.

How does it work?

The Unless integration with Kickfire allows you to connect your own Kickfire account to Unless. From then on, firmographic information will be added to your visitor's profile and you can create audience segments based on any of the Kickfire data points. After activating the integration, all options will appear in the audience builder automatically.

Install instructions

You need a Kickfire account first. In the Unless dashboard, you can simply swith on the Kickfire integration by adding your API key that comes with a Kickfire account. Relevant firmographic datapoints can then be accessed from the Audience builder.

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