Automatically reveal the company of your visitors and use firmographic data for segmentation based on industry, company size and more.

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It’s easy to identify a company’s IP address, but it’s like having a fingerprint — unless you know who it belongs to, it’s not much help. With Leadfeeder you can instantly match IP addresses with company names and identify anonymous web visitors. You can use this firmographic data to segment your audiences based on industry or company size and show them personalized content or add-ons.

Key benefits

  • Identify target accounts: Don't let leads fall through the cracks. Discover how these companies found you, pages they looked at, audiences they joined, goals they achieved, and so much more. Identify the most interesting accounts and make sure to give them the red-carpet treatment with a hyper-personalized experience.
  • Personalize based on industry: It is common for businesses today to cater to a variety of industries. However, more often than not, the needs of a customer will differ per industry, making it hard to communicate your unique selling point (USP) to all at once. This is where segmentation comes into play and identifying your key industries is a great first step.
  • Personalize based on company size: This one is great if you cater to companies of different sizes since the buying cycle of a startup customer is significantly different than an enterprise customer. Plus, most likely, your offering and prices will differ for each, as well as the features you choose to highlight.

How does it work?

Once you enable the integration in your Unless account, firmographic information will be added to your visitor's profile and you can create audience segments based industry, company size and more. After activating the integration, all options will appear in the audience builder automatically.

Install instructions

You can enable the integration from the Integrations tab of your Unless dashboard and agree to the terms. Relevant firmographic datapoints can then be accessed from the audience builder.

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