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All-in-one AI powerhouse

Everything you need to upgrade your organization into the age of AI, with an almost trivial implementation effort.

Simple tools to create an AI-driven user experience

Building blocks

Easily create, deploy and monitor AI-driven features with standardized building blocks.

Unlock your proprietary knowledge

Train the AI with custom training sources, like your website, documents or custom instructions. Organize everything using AI segments to avoid confusion.

Source blocks

Customize your AI behavior

Configure a custom AI personality, create audiences to for the AI to empathize with, or tell it which confidential topics to avoid.

AI blocks

Configure conversation starters

Choose from 120+ configurable web component templates that will add AI-powered features to your website or product with just one click.

UI blocks

Building blocks

Data sources
AI models and behavior
Multichannel conversation

Launch AI features in just a few steps

Get started in minutes

Add AI to your product in the simplest way possible.

1. Train your AI

In the AI training zone, submit your website or other documents as source material. You can test the AI immediately.
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2. Choose a conversation channel

Our template library offers over 120 templates that will let you create new conversational elements anywhere in your current product interface. Alternatively, use a native CRM app or messaging tool. Ask us!
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3. Deploy and monitor

Launching components is easy. Simply open our editor at the required page, and point at the location where you want the component to appear. That's it!
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Creating the perfect user experience

Advanced features

There is more. Our platform offers a range of advanced features that will help you to create the perfect experience for your users.

AI Persona

Depending on the audience, use case, or context, the AI may need to exhibit a different personality type. AI Persona allows you to simply define its character in each situation.

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AI Empathy

Great conversations require empathy from both sides. Each visitor has a dedicated profile that you can use to create audiences that the AI will use to tailor the conversation to each user individually.

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AI Contextual Awareness

Using context-aware UI components that act as conversation starters on a specific topic, you can equip your existing websites and dashboards with with an AI that answers questions before they have been asked.

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AI plugin framework

Use the AI plugin framework to build advanced interactions with other systems. Capture structured data, and let your customers make purchases, book calls, or submit a ticket.

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AI Segments

If your organization has strictly divided topics, specializations or departments, AI segments can be used to distinguish separate data sets. This will prevent mix-ups for critical data.

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AI Confidentiality Blacklist

What happens if your employees coincidentally feed confidential information to a third-party AI model? To prevent this from happening, you can define a list of topics that the AI will refuse to talk about.

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Sentiment analysis

All conversations with the AI model will be subject to automated sentiment analysis, using sophisticated machine learning models, allowing you to see trends in the communication with your customers.

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Integrations with business systems

With 50+ integrations, you can use data from your business systems to personalize AI interaction. Use AI plugins to make purchases, book calls, or submit a ticket.

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A/B testing and analytics

We offer a sophisticated A/B test protocol, that will feed the analytics tools you love with data based on control groups of specific audiences that you can define yourself.

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Built on GDPR and CCPA

AI Privacy Safeguard

A carefully designed infrastructure shields personally identifiable information from leaking.

Cookieless by default
Our platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. By default, it is cookieless. Advanced tracking can only be used after triggering our consent API.
Protected user data
Platform services are distributed globally for speed, but user profiles are located in a heavily secured data storage in the European Union only.
The AI does not know who you are
Personal data will not reach the AI. We separate this in protected user profiles, and we filter PII from ad-hoc user input.
Transparent data policies
We expose transparently what data we store, why, where, and for how long. Go to our Data and Privacy Center for more info.

Open-source and extensible

Loved by developers

Our low-touch implementation uses just a single snippet to enrich your product with conversational UI features. So, it is super easy to take it out again as well. But we suspect that you never will.

Unbelievable performance
Unless does not affect the performance of your product. Check the Lighthouse score of this website in your inspector if you don't believe it.
Cookieless by default
Our platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. By default, it is cookieless. Advanced tracking can only be used after triggering our consent API.
Layered access control
You can regulate and manage user access to various features and data within the application easily.
Component versioning
Changes to components are tracked and logged. Previous work will be kept available, allowing for simple roll-back to earlier versions.
Multiple development environments
Any development pipeline is supported. Add as many environments as you want, including localhost.
Priority tech support
Our team is available for direct questions. You can talk directly to engineers when needed.
Open-source framework
Extend any component or compose your own in a low-code framework using open-source display types, layouts, and functional elements.
Developer API
Use our API to create user profiles that you can use in your audience segmentation, or directly in your components. And much more.

Frequently asked questions

It depends a little bit on the amount of training material that you supply, but usually you are up and running in minutes. You can supply a website URL, for example for a documentation website. Our AI will index and learn from it automatically.

An AI persona is like a member of your team with its own goals and style. Your CS agent can focus on helping users in your product while a sales agent can focus on lead generation and potential upsells. By creating specialized AI personas, you can ensure that your users receive the most personalized and effective support possible.

We offer 50+ integrations with popular CRMs, ESPs, and analytics platforms. If there's an API, we can also connect to systems unique to your business. This data can be used to segment users, personalize their interactions, and enable actions to be taken within conversations.

What do you picture when you think of a chatbot? Chances are it looks like a floating button on the bottom right corner of your screen waiting for the user to initiate a conversation. Well, UNLESS allows you to have conversations with users that you can prompt, anywhere in your product. The component can take any shape or form along with any (custom) functionality you might need.

Using custom drop-in components of Unless made our in-app messages 30x faster! And the integration with Visma Data Lake opened even more doors for better user experiences.

Yes you can!

Forge a path to success. Add AI to your product today.

In the world of generative AI, innovation unfolds at warp speed. Jump on the bandwagon. Use Unless.