Session data

To calculate and predict engagement, attention span and stickiness, Unless collects behavioral data for each visitor session.

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Whenever a website visitor views one or more web pages that are operated by one of our customers, Unless collects a set of data about the visitor session. It does not contain elements that may identify an individual directly.

A session is a group of user interactions with a website, that take place within a given time frame. A single session can contain multiple page views. Session data is primarily used for analyzing and predicting the following:

  • Visitor engagement;
  • Visitor attention span;
  • Website stickiness.

Data points

The following session data is handled by Unless, and stored in our European data warehouse cluster or available for segmentation - or both.

Data pointStoredAvailable for segmentation
Returning visitor?YesNo
Did the visitor bounce?YesNo
Session intervalYesNo
Number of clicks for previous pageYesNo
Number of clicks in sessionYesNo
Average number of clicks per pageYesNo
Number of pages in sessionYesNo
Total session durationYesNo
Average time on page in sessionYesNo
Time on page previous pageYesNo
Average scroll percentageYesNo
Average scroll speedYesNo
Number of up & down scrollsYesNo
Scroll percentage previous pageYesNo
Average scroll speed previous pageYesNo
Number of goals reachedYesNo
Session valueYesNo
Visiblity percentageYesNo
Number of viewport switchesYesNo
Engagement scoreYesYes
Attention span scoreYesYes
Stickiness scoreYesYes
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